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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Crikey Cricut and a new beginning

Well firstly I suppose I should say hello to everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This is a whole new experience for me, and I am hoping that over time I will not only improve but be brave enough to enter some of the challenges, which leads me on to a whole other challenge......

On Friday, I decided to take a few hours off work to go home and have some quality time crafting. As it was daylight, I decided to got the "scenic route", by scenic I mean past a craft shop. Having poodled aound the shop, and ended up spending £50 on "bits and bobs" I needed ... well come on don't we always need it. The ladies in the shop are lovely, and I was the only customer remaining, we happened to be talking about a cricut demo they were having the following day, sadly for me the shop is not actually close to home. Anyway this lead on to how much I wanted a pink expression, and low and behold, the fairy godmother, (ok the shop assistant) produced one, and told me about the special offer they were doing, and they only had 2 left.

I spoke to OH to get "approval", who had no issues, its for me to live with my self were his actual words. I then spent the rest of the day just staring at the box, too guilty to get it out and play with it.

Thanks to the forum members of CT, they made me realise that my guilt was not time well spent, and yesterday I unpackaged my wonderful machine, and spent much of the day absorbed in delight.

Once I have finished the cards I am making, I will post them to my blog. I am hoping the addition of my cricut will help me build up the confidence to get more involved in scrapbooking.

Well thank you for reading my first post, I must get back to my cricut.

Happy Crafting

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  1. Karen, I am delighted to see your lovely new blog and to hear that you have dipped your toe into the water with your cricut. See I told you guilt was no good for you, doesn't that feel better now you overcame it.